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Best Place to Explore Your Boundaries, Together San Francisco 2001 - "Lush"

The funny thing about "Lush" is that, once you've been there, and if you're part of a heterosexual couple, you'll never look at other couples the same way again. You'll see them in the supermarket, on the street, or holding hands in the park, and you'll wonder: Would these people get naked with us? Of course, this is just one of the naughty pleasures you'll take from this tony, private, couples-only sex club, which isn't about the polyamory thing, or the hard-core swinging thing, but about a whole lot of female bi-curiosity and everything-but-the-intercourse sexual frolicking. The place has been open for three years and regularly pulls in crowds of 30 or more couples whose ages range from early 20s to mid-40s. Many are married, most are committed, and the vibe is always respectful -- you can chat with other couples, or watch other couples do their thing, or watch couples become couple-couples, or, should you choose, form your own fourple or more. Be warned, though: Both members of your couple should be into it (no persuading). Be warned again: Whether you take part in anything or just watch, it's a buzz, and the best loving will come after you go home.
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