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Best Place to Go Online Naked San Francisco 2001 - New Meat Campus Theater

This formerly run-down, dingy -- downright scary -- gay porn theater in the Tenderloin has turned a new leaf under new owners. It's now one of San Francisco's cleanest, classiest (and most high-tech) sex clubs. Renovations and a good shampoo have made this theater worth sitting in again. Part pornographic film house, part sex club, the New Meat Campus Theater also boasts a cafe and Internet lounge, where patrons pay a flat fee and can surf the Web unlimited for as much porn as they desire. Downloading, color laser prints, and even Web cameras to put on your own Internet show are free. Users are encouraged to surf naked, as well as relieve themselves, and each other, since this is a legally operated sex club (safe sex between patrons is OK, but not between patrons and paid staff, or the live dancers onstage in the theater). New Meat is three floors: Internet lounge upstairs; the big theater on the main floor with live dance shows, films, and events such as amateur strip contests and gay-themed stand-up comedy; and a sex club environment in the basement, with unlocked rooms and cubbyholes for cavorting. Everything, including the Internet lounge, is a $15 all-day flat fee. Patrons with ID who are 18 to 24 get in for half-price. Open until midnight weeknights, until 2 a.m. weekends.
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It's great to hear that The Campus has undergone a revival. I almost feel as if I grew up there in it's earlier hay day when I was stationed out there from 1983 to 1986. They will have to go some to live up to those glory days but I wish everyone involved with one of my all time favorite hang outs the best of luck.

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