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Best Place to Park Your Car for a Looong Time San Francisco 2001 - Upper Noe Valley

On certain hills southwest of Noe Valley, the streets are so steep that no street cleaning truck will venture up or down. No parking meters foul the sidewalk; no painted curbs obscure the welcome gray. Though the DPT's evil one-person ticket-machines still patrol the area, their occupants don't tag tires. Should you find yourself in need of a place to rest your vehicle during an extended vacation, consider, say, Duncan Street above Diamond. Don't block anyone's driveway, and don't get greedy -- humongous, oil-leaking monstrosities should take their tired fan belts elsewhere. But quiet little cars might stay parked unaccosted for weeks. A caveat: After 72 hours, any unmoved car is considered abandoned and the DPT can ticket or tow. But to get that process started, a neighbor has to call it in -- and the DPT will leave a warning note before it acts. Have a friend visit your car once in a while just to be safe. And have a good trip.

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