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Best Place to Repair Your Exhaust System San Francisco 2001 - Ron's Berkeley Muffler

There's nothing more alarming than the sound of your muffler clanking to the street behind you while you're driving down the road. Even if your muffler's or exhaust system's issues are a little less dire, a visit to family-owned Ron's Berkeley Muffler (now in Oakland) will reassure you that a few honest mechanics really do still exist. While you watch, the owner happily looks up the needed items in a fat book full of part numbers and prices, assuring a reliable estimate. The mechanic will put your car up on the platform so you can see the problem for yourself. If you're desperate, Ron's will often fix your car by the next day. They'll even mail you a postcard shortly after your repair job, saying they enjoyed "talking with you the other day." With such great, personalized service, good work, and honest prices, it's a shame they don't work on engines too.
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