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Best Place to Root Against the Locals San Francisco 2001 - Shannon's Sports Bar

Seeing as how it's become cliché to observe that hardly anyone in San Francisco is from San Francisco, it doesn't really seem fair to demand allegiances to our pathetic local sports teams from out-of-towners. Between Barry Bonds' insufferability, the cheapskate A's, a Niners defense that probably couldn't sack groceries, the Raiders' endless roster of former felons (which includes the kicker -- the kicker!), and the Warriors, the local franchises don't exactly endear themselves to fans who weren't raised to root for them. At Shannon's Sports Bar, where it seems like all the regulars -- bartenders included -- speak with East Coast inflections, they understand. Last October, when most Bay Area baseball fans were mourning the A's and Giants' early playoff exits (courtesy of the Mets and Yankees), the reveling regulars at Shannon's were blasting Sinatra and dancing on the bar. So if you're looking for a place to catch a good game on a satellite feed and down a decent Bloody Mary or two on a Sunday morning, look no further. But if you want the Niners on the big screen, well, fuhgedabowdit.

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