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Best Power Walk San Francisco 2001 - Start at Jones and Filbert...

We've compressed last year's marathon power walk into a more intensive 45-minute, 26-block jaunt featuring eight thigh-strengthening downhill blocks and 11 heart-pumping uphill blocks, four of them staircases and four of them the intimidating sort of uphill blocks where the cars have to park sideways. Start at Jones and Filbert and head the two egregious blocks up Jones to Green. Go left down the staircase to Taylor, go right one unpleasant block up Taylor to Vallejo, head down the staircase to Mason, go left down Mason to Filbert, and go right the two blocks to Washington Square. Continue the three horrendous blocks up Filbert to the top of the steps and continue down the other side of Telegraph Hill to Sansome. Go left one block to Greenwich, head up the staircase on your left to Montgomery, keep going half a block to the Filbert steps on your right, and go back over Telegraph Hill to Grant. Go right up Grant for one torturous block, turn left, and proceed up Greenwich the five blocks to Jones. One block to your left is your starting point, Jones and Filbert. For extra points head up Filbert to Hyde, the steepest navigable stretch of San Francisco asphalt.
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