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Best Sibin San Francisco 2001 - An Sibin

Turnover among the city's bars is as inevitable as rain, but still, we have to admit we were deeply saddened when we heard that a divey little Irish bar named Mulligan's bit the dust. The crowd was seedy, the drinks were stiff, and the jukebox was often cranked loud enough to vibrate the follicles out of your scalp. In other words, it was a wonderful place, but maybe not as wonderful as the Irish DJ bar that has replaced it. The name is pronounced "she-been" (Irish for "illegal moonshine cottage"), and under new management An Sibin is all about the sinfully dark dance floor in the back room. The music is much better than it used to be, and the crowd is younger and cuter. In fact, after a few more visits, we have a feeling we'll be asking, "Mulli-who?"
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