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Best Tea Shop San Francisco 2001 - Far Leaves Tea

If your daily cup of Peet's is making you a little jittery, maybe it's time to try something green and leafy instead. At the forefront of the new tea craze is the Elmwood District's tiny Far Leaves Tea, which offers a vast and fragrant barrage of green and black teas, ranging from the semiherbal Moroccan Mint to the potent and subtle High Mountain (which is kept behind the counter, to protect small children). The shop regularly changes its selection, as owner Donna Lo makes personal trips to the Far East in search of ever more delicious, ever more caffeinated varieties. The Far Leaves also offers classes on how to prepare a proper gongfu tea ceremony and hosts regular tastings throughout the week. Teas and infusions can be bought on the shop's Web site, though the wide assortment of teapots and paraphernalia is only available at the store.
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