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Best Thai and Vietnamese Restaurant San Francisco 2001 - Malee Thai & Vietnamese

A few places (but not many) serve better Thai food, just like a few places (still not many) do better Vietnamese. But when you want both -- a balancing act comparable to serving French and Italian cuisines -- you simply must pay a visit to Malee Jones, chef/owner of the friendly little spot known to us as MT&VR&B. To experience the subtlety of French-influenced Vietnamese fare, try the exquisitely delicate spring rolls. Or, for a ferocious example of the Thai fondness for hot chilies, take a bite of Evil Jungle, a blend of ground beef, basil, and chilies that goes down smooth and detonates with the force of an atom bomb. This one will make you sweat, if not hallucinate. As an added bonus, the place has a full bar, meaning you can wash your Vietnamese pho and Thai larb down with a Puerto Rican pi?a colada or a good old-fashioned American mai tai.
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