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Best Way to Save $15 San Francisco 2001 - Eat at Sno-drift

There are lots of ways to save $15 -- buy three fewer burritos over the course of a year, walk 15 times instead of taking Muni -- but if you happen to be young, hungry, and prone to working it on the dance floor, dining at Sno-drift on a Friday night may be the best method of all. If you arrive early, you not only avoid a hefty cover charge but can enjoy chef Sharon Ardiana's splendidly executed, affordable club plates, from a savory duck confit with frisée and blue cheese ($8) to the grilled chicken breast with spaetzle ($13). Her fish and chips ($11) are divine, and, if you're lucky, your party will be seated in one of the booths along the edge of the room, which are ideal for conversation, heavy petting, or people-watching once the club crowd arrives and the dining room becomes a dance floor. Even better, you save $20 on Saturdays.
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