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Five Best Places to Get Non-Diner Food After the Bars Close San Francisco 2001 -

Going out in San Francisco poses a dilemma. Nothing brings on an appetite like a late night of drinking, but because most of this pulsing metropolis shuts down well before last call, the post-bar masses have few options to satisfy their cravings -- mostly 24-hour diners serving burgers and greasy fries. So where to go for decent grub? Tucked throughout the city are some alternative venues where barflies can sate those post-carousing munchies on something other than onion rings.

Osha Thai Noodle Cafe

696 Geary (at Leavenworth), 673-2368

This stylish and brightly lit noodle house serves heaping plates of fried noodles, gigantic bowls of Thai noodles in flavorful soups, and plentiful rice plates. A neon sign announces the restaurant's presence on a Tenderloin corner, beckoning hungry hipsters until it closes at 3 a.m. on weekends.

El Farolito

2777 Mission (at 24th Street), 826-4870

There's a much-coveted kitschy painting of a gyro on the back wall, but make no mistake: El Farolito serves the quintessential burrito -- until 4 a.m. on weekends. The small taqueria satisfies all appetites, from punk rock kids to indie rockers to night-owl Mission residents.

New Sun Hong Kong Restaurant

606 Broadway (at Columbus), 956-3338

Open until 3 a.m. daily, this simple, cafeterialike restaurant has an endless menu of quality, cheap eats. Among the offerings are 35 fried rice plates, 22 kinds of pan-fried noodles, 27 porridge options, 12 braised noodle dishes, and 23 varieties of noodles in soup.

Lisa's on Folsom

299 Ninth St. (at Folsom), 551-1688

Specializing in chewy, Chinese-style noodles and "Asian tapas" in a cool but unpretentious setting, Lisa's fills bellies until 4 a.m. on weekends.


448 Brannan (at Third Street), 904-4100

You might have to miss last call to grab a meal at this swanky SOMA restaurant and "wine salon," which closes its kitchen at 1:30 a.m. But Bacar's fashionable Mediterranean menu and handsome décor make it worth the sacrifice.

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