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(Another) Best Reason to Be Glad You're a Woman San Francisco 2002 - Osento, a Spa for Women

Osento dubs itself a "temporary refuge for women," and indeed, the spa, which mimics the tranquillity of Japanese bathhouses, is a relaxing and classy haven with every luxury an overstressed girl could want. For a sliding-scale fee of $10 to $20, paradise awaits. The dim and peaceful dressing room features three floor mats for resting, reading, and catnapping. An indoor hot tub lies through a nearby set of doors, where you can soak and sip chilled spring water with limes. Out on the patio, you'll find a cold plunge and a wet and dry sauna. Benches and an upstairs balcony allow you to air dry while soaking up sun or moonlight. And in another resting room, a masseuse is available to loosen the knots in your back. Osento allows for multiple visits (it's open from 1 p.m. to 1 a.m. daily), ensuring a day of decadent relaxation.

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