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Best Monday Night Make-Out Bar San Francisco 2002 - Hush Hush Lounge

First dates can be awkward rituals. Do you do coffee? Have dinner? Take a walk in the park? Or, maybe you prefer to get acquainted the old-fashioned way, by getting drunk, making out, then sorting out the details later. If the last method sounds good, drop by the Hush Hush Lounge on a Monday. We did it: The place was nearly empty, allowing us to sidle into the cozy, secluded "Love Booth" (just to the right as you enter). We chatted, we drank. Our knees touched. After a while, the bartender came by to replace our candle and draw the curtains above the booth (an assist if ever there was one). After that, well, it's not polite to kiss and tell, but by the time all was said and done the bartender had returned, bearing a free drink. "I like it when people make out in my bar!" she said. Hey, we liked it too.

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