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Best Name for a Bar San Francisco 2002 - Would You Believe?

For almost a year, we didn't believe a bar could survive with a name like Would You Believe? Driving down Geary, we'd spy the sign and wonder: Is it a freak show-themed bar? One of those on-its-last-leg dives where cobwebs cover the door to the women's room and at least one customer will be physically dead? Eventually we broke down and checked it out. The name -- dreamed up by a previous owner, who apparently had a thing for that Ripley's show -- doesn't offer the scantest hint that WYB? now draws a young, friendly, Asian-Caucasian crowd come for elaborate cocktails, gorgeous bartenders, and the hospitality of Shirley, the newest owner. As for the name: It somehow adds to the experience. It's memorable, a bit silly, and allows us to say that we went, we drank, we enjoyed quite thoroughly, and now, we do believe.

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