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Best Old Radio Show San Francisco 2002 - "T.O." Ted Dively

While Laura Flanders' quirky brand of radio chatter can be satiating, there are moments when the appetite is best served by the aural equivalent of buttered toast -- familiar, savory, unadorned, college-style radio. Lucky listeners feel this urge Wednesday mornings and listen to "T.O." Ted Dively, a 21-year college radio veteran who occasionally plays exotic interludes of records made by 1950s screaming professional wrestlers, but more often fills the waves with a template of college radio fare: jazz, funk, synth, etc. Dively then skillfully segues into one of his tasty, home-recorded public service announcements, before laying down a little more disc. Need another reason to listen to "T.O." Ted? "If I gave up DJing," Dively explains, "I'd probably lose my shit." As any "T.O." Ted show regular is well aware, it's really important that we keep Dively's shit where we can all find it, at 90.3 FM.

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