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Best Outrageous TV Lifestyle San Francisco 2002 - Dee-Dee TV

Hands down, Dee-Dee Russell, hostess of the cable public access show Dee-Dee TV, gets our vote for the most outrageous personality in the Bay Area. Standing center stage, wrapped like an abstract painting in several multicolored feather boas, a rubber-looking bodice, and fishnet hose, surrounded by "freaky-daddies" (Dee-Dee's term for extreme undercover freaks who look normal -- "like Woody Allen or any politician") and oodles of props, Dee-Dee razzle-dazzles audiences with her contagiously radical yet thought-provoking comedy. Her show features guests (including, recently, Dr. Diza, the man with the "No Sex" sign on Powell Street), film shorts, and even animation. There's nothing like an animated woman taking a dump in a bowl to feed her extremely chauvinistic animated mate for teaching a lesson in how to treat a lady. So is Dee-Dee proving a point -- or just grossing us out? Well it's six of one, half a dozen of the other, which may be part of Madam Russell's appeal. You see, under the over-the-top comedy antics lies a message: It's all about Girl -- or actually -- Woman Power, without having to use that corny phrase.

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Dee Dee Russell
Dee Dee Russell

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