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Best Place to Go Fly a Kite San Francisco 2002 - Crissy Field

Crissy Field

Crissy Field

603 Mason

San Francisco, CA 94129


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The one thing you need when you're attempting to fly a kite is a good brisk breeze, something San Francisco has in abundance. This is especially true along its northwestern waterfront, where bay empties into ocean and the accompanying atmospheric currents are absolutely invigorating. When Crissy Field became the country's newest National Park last spring, six or seven hundred zillion San Franciscans took advantage of the sunny, breezy weather by unfurling all manner of dragons, boxes, tetrahedrons, and eddies and letting them fly up and out and across the water: a glorious sight. The field's hundred acres of painstakingly restored and reclaimed meadows, marshes, promenades, and picnic grounds make a fine setting for some tranquil kite-flying, particularly with the bay, the islands, and the Golden Gate Bridge providing such a glorious backdrop. Afterward you can drop by Crissy Field Center or the Warming Hut (out toward Fort Point) for a nosh, a drink, or a peek at the on-site exhibits and artifacts.

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