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Best Place to Watch Straight Yuppie Women Act Like Lesbians for an Hour San Francisco 2002 - "Loöq Hard" at 111 Minna


"Loöq Hard" at 111 Minna

111 Minna

San Francisco, CA 94105


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Something strange is going on at 111 Minna on the first Saturday of the month. During the progressive-house night known as "Loöq Hard," there are platinum blond, diet-starved women in black halter tops kissing each other. It used to be that Marina girls with names like Muffy and Heather would go to "Loöq Hard" to dance, and maybe, if they were feeling especially flirtatious (read: drunk), Muffy would do a mock bump-and-grind with Heather, in order to turn on Biff or one of the other guys. Such lurid activities were all in good fun. But now, someone seems to have given Muffy and Heather some Ecstasy, because what they used to do for male attention is now strictly femme-inclusive. Which gives us another reason to love San Francisco: the next day's panic attack when Muffy finds Heather's lipstick on her clitoris.

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