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Best Soju Cocktails San Francisco 2002 - RoHan Lounge

Tucked unassumingly between a convenience store and an auto body shop on Geary Boulevard, RoHan, a stylish Richmond restaurant-bar, has concocted the perfect drink: the soju cocktail. Soju, a liquor distilled from rice, barley, and sweet potato, is the Korean cousin of sake rice wine and is usually drunk straight up in small porcelain cups. But the innovative folks at RoHan have turned soju on its head, serving up cocktail options like the Tao Drop (a Lemon Drop-esque beverage that contains soju, lemon-lime juice, triple sec, and a mysterious "simple syrup") and the Mujo (a Mojito-tasting drink made of soju, ginger syrup, raspberry, and lemon-lime juice muddled with fresh mint). All 10 cocktails are delectable -- light, fruity, and strong as hell -- the perfect complement to the bar's fantastic Asian tapas menu (you must try the crispy tofu). For the purists, RoHan offers plain soju in a bottle, as well as beer, wine, and several kinds of Korean liquors.

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