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Best Way for the City to Fill Underfed Coffers San Francisco 2002 - Strategic Towing on Valencia

Valencia's center-lane parking strip has become such a civic institution that it's only a matter of time before tourists start snapping photos. But when we see potholes on half the streets in town, we can't help but offer the Traffic Department an obvious fund-raising plan: Tow away four of every five cars parked in the center lane, leaving a small sampling of BMWs and Land Rovers to entice more Mission-goers to park there. Folks whose cars were towed would be forced to take a city-owned shuttle -- ka-ching -- to the tow lot, where they would be charged a steep impound fee -- ka-ching. Overnight and extra-day charges would apply. Ka-ching. Or maybe the program would encourage people to stop parking in a turn lane. That wouldn't be so bad either.

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