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Best Beauty Parlor-Meets-Pet Store San Francisco 2003 - Garbo's and Amore Animal Supply

In 1996, the owners of Garbo's beauty parlor decided to erect a wall down the middle of their salon and run a separate business on the other side. Times were tight, but they didn't want to raise the price of a haircut ($25 for short hair, $30 for long). After much rumination (one owner began thinking about how much money she spent on dog treats), the stylists converted the extra space into a pet supply store, leading to the unlikely marriage of two seemingly incongruous establishments. Now, as techno music thumps in the background, a visitor can get a perm or a trim, then browse through Amore's dazzling array of toys, food, and accessories for dogs, cats, birds, and fish on her way out. Because not every client employs both of the storefront's services, the owners have perfected the art of dashing back and forth between the salon and the pet store -- sometimes in the middle of a haircut or dye job.

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