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Best Bitch San Francisco 2003 - Lisa Miya-Jervis

Mean, horny, loud, annoying, and smart -- that's what "bitch" often means. Miya-Jervis, editor and publisher of Bitch Magazine, is all those things. She's especially mean to irresponsible advertisers, misogynistic publications, and stupid movies, given that the magazine focuses on providing a feminist response to pop culture. It even has a section called "Where to Bitch," with names and addresses of the above-mentioned types of assholes. Bitch's Web site elaborates: "The word describes all at once who we are when we speak up, what it is we're too worked up over to be quiet about, and the act of making ourselves heard." OK, but we all know a lot of bitches. What makes Miya-Jervis the very best? She quit her day job back in 2001 -- she's a full-time Bitch. Still, she insists she couldn't have done it without her bitches -- Andi Zeisler, Briar Levit, Marisa Meltzer, Rachel Fudge, and others who make Bitch a collaborative effort -- and she was ready to bitch us out if we didn't make that clear.

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