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Best Butcher Shop (Sunset) San Francisco 2003 - Guerra's Meats and Deli

If you're at a loss for what to make for dinner, a few minutes spent perusing the glass cases at Guerra's should offer plenty of inspiration, whether you request instructions from the butchers on how to cook one of their unusual signature cuts of meat (the Diamond Jim roast, the butterball roast, the lamb London broil), choose an uncooked specialty (stuffed game hens, apple-almond stuffed chicken breasts, Romano flank steak rolled around cheese and peppers), or select something already prepared from their deli cases (meatloaf, lasagna, sandwiches made to order). Those cooking their corned beef at home can choose among point brisket, center cut brisket, or bottom round. The chateaubriand looked perfectly swell to us, at $7.95 a pound, and the osso buco did, too, at $4.99. "We've been at this location for 15 years, on the street for 49," a staffer tells us, and we'll be happy to help them celebrate Guerra's 50th.

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