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Best Cheap Food Court San Francisco 2003 - Milberry Student Union Plaza

The fast-food menu here ranges from beany burritos to sweet-and-sour pork to cheesy pizza and salads with a variety of dressings. The names of the vendors change frequently, but the essence of the available repast remains the same: starch, sugar, grease, and minimal fiber. But don't be turned off, it's just the typical American diet here. What makes the food court outstanding and worth dropping in for a bite any time you are up at the UCSF Medical Center visiting a sick relative or going in for a diagnostic is the beautiful digs. One wall is a bay window, which allows the casual diner to watch human beings scurry to-and-fro in the freezing Parnassus Heights fog -- during the summer! -- while downing a hot dog or some nice chicken noodle soup with saltines. The coolest thing is that nurses and doctors eat here a lot and are usually starved for company. With any luck, you might meet a mate with a well-paying job.

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