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Best Cheap Haircuts San Francisco 2003 - Trimmers

Getting a haircut can be downright frightening. Your anxiety might stem from the affordable but often hit-or-dangerously-miss quality of Supercuts. Or maybe the panic sets in when you get the credit card bill for that $50 (or more!) chopping by your local coiffeur. A safe and wallet-friendly alternative can be found at Trimmers in the Upper Haight. This modest and decidedly untrendy salon looks, to a casual observer, as though it would offer the pitfalls of a bargain-chain barbershop. Instead, it offers a rarity: excellent $14 haircuts. Yes, even complicated, choppy cuts for male and female hipsters. Walk-ins are welcome, but if you want to get on the schedules of the most talented stylists, Chris and Diva, you'll need an appointment. Those two are skilled enough to get hired at much fancier salons, so be sure to tip big so it's worth their while to stay at this well-kept secret.

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