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Best Chocolate Orgasm San Francisco 2003 - Angelina Rumpelmayer Hot Chocolate and Neuhaus Chocolates

Can you say multiple orgasm? Angelina Rumpelmayer hot chocolate is made from a century-old French family recipe that's incredibly rich but only slightly sweet (72 percent cocoa). You will have to pay for such elegance, however -- 26 bucks for a 4-ounce bag. The stuff is hard to find, but there's a store opening soon in the Castro called Farmer Boy that plans to carry this magical elixir. The good news about Neuhaus is that there's an outlet right here in the city. The bad news: You have to enter Macy's, where the tiny chocolate boutique is hidden on the lower level. Neuhaus was started in 1857 in Belgium by Swiss-born Jean Neuhaus. (Belgian/Swiss! Could there be a better combination?) The company finishes each chocolate by hand, and is the proud supplier to the Belgian crown. Our personal favorite is the Truffe Tiramisu. It has a creamy texture, a touch of amaretto to complement the delicate taste of almonds, and a sprinkling of Amaretti biscuit crumbs on top. Warning: SF Weekly strongly advises that you not drink Angelina Rumpelmayer hot chocolate while eating Neuhaus chocolates; you could end up in a permanent state of chocoholic delirium.

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Lincoln Russin
Lincoln Russin

Please tell me whether this store (Farmer Boy) has opened and whether there is any other store in the area that carries Angelina Rumpelmeyer hot chocolate. Thanks.

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