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Best Cocktail Pianist San Francisco 2003 - Ricardo Scales

We first encountered Scales at the Redwood Room back in the days when it was still the swankiest saloon in the city, and were as dazzled by his cascading, impressionistic flights of fancy as by the lush surroundings and stellar bar mix. Sometimes he'd pause in the middle of a particularly propulsive improvisational journey and clap his hands in counterpoint, shouting with the pleasure of artistic creation. His witty, inventive minimedleys and gliding combination of delicacy and brio create a mood ideal for the velvet hour of tinkling ice and gilded sunsets. Scales' keyboard skills are especially astounding when you realize that he suffered an injury early on that left three fingers of his left hand virtually useless. Today he has six CDs to his credit and a regular gig at the Top of the Mark, where he redeems even the late-'70s schlock he occasionally finds himself performing. A measure of his talent is that he can make "The Best of Your Love" light, lovely, and somehow meaningful.

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Linda Goetz
Linda Goetz

Richardo is performing fort the legendary Bach Dancing & Dynamite Society at the Douglas Beach House in Half Moon Bay on June 26. He stopped by one afternoon and wowed Pete Douglas with his chops. This is real SF Bay Area stuff.

heather Young
heather Young

Hello, We saw Ricardo about 2 years ago at 'Top of the Mark' to say we were blown away by him would be an understatement...did write to see whether he was coming over to London to play , Ronnie Scotts club in London but to date has not,,,,come on Ricardo, give the U.K. a treat and come over we know they will love you as we did......really fantastic pianist.....well if he does not come over to the U.K. then we are going to have to come over to the U.S. to see him......Yes I have got his c.d.'s and play them all the time

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