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Best Dim Sum (Chinatown) San Francisco 2003 - Pearl City Seafood Restaurant

Pearl City Seafood Restaurant

Pearl City Seafood Restaurant

641 Jackson

San Francisco, CA 94133


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Dim sum, for the uninitiated, is an inexpensive Chinese brunch or lunch comprised of small plates chosen from roving carts. Although it's not unheard of for experienced diners to order special dishes from the kitchen, most folks just point, select, and devour. In other cities you can generally only find dim sum on weekends, but, blessedly, here it's available seven days a week. This crowded, clamorous spot in the heart of Chinatown offers the typical lineup of savory shrimp and veggies steamed in translucent pouches, delectable pork buns, and sticky rice with chicken, along with a host of other dishes. Skip the egg rolls and most things fried -- the wise approach in most dim sum joints -- and zero in on the seafood. The fare is solidly satisfying and surprisingly cheap, with the tab typically topping out at around eight bucks a person. And unlike some popular dim sum places whose clientele is primarily Caucasian, Pearl City is a Chinese neighborhood spot, through and through.

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