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Best Dive Bar San Francisco 2003 - The Phone Booth

The Phone Booth

The Phone Booth

1398 S. Van Ness

San Francisco, CA 94110


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At the nexus of hipster bar, queer bar, and neighborhood bar lies the Phone Booth. During the locust swarm of trendy bars symptomatic of the dot-com era, this low-key lounge served as a much-needed oasis, far from the ever-present Cosmopolitans and blue Gap shirts. The place's charm is in its consistently casual, friendly demeanor and its reasonable prices. A Mission watering hole for many years, the Phone Booth has its die-hard (yet amicable) regulars, but adds a dash of dewy youth to soften its divey edge. Its offerings have been revamped to include not just beer but also harder alcohol, a pleasing jukebox, and eye-catching décor (a Barbie chandelier, flamboyant holiday fare, a head shot of Tom Selleck circa Magnum, P.I.). Whether the bar is densely packed or sweetly serene, its awesome staff keeps the libations flowing

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