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Best Dollar Store San Francisco 2003 - 99 Cents Only Giant Value

Sadly, the only place in the city called "The Dollar Store" is actually a video shop, not a knickknack lover's heaven. Two fine dollar stores -- in spirit if not in name -- are the 99 Cents & Over Discount Outlet 5 on Mission and the 99 Cents Store on Geary. But possibly because of signage alone, the hands-down winner in this arena is 99 Cents Only Giant Value, deep in the heart of the Mission. For the true dollar-store experience, cheapskates should head for its big, big letters. The glory of such emporiums cannot be underestimated. Wallsful of silk flowers (many with permanent "dew"), forks of all kinds, hair accouterments to divert the eye and confuse the brain, sponges, and things you've never thought of are just some of the many finds. Everything, somehow or other, is priced to move, although, caveat emptor, not everything costs 99 cents. At economically trying times like this, we all need to remember how cheap our thrills can be, and this is just the place to do it.

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