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Best Inner-City Driving Range San Francisco 2003 - Mission Bay Golf Center

Who woulda thunk it? A 300-foot, 66-tee driving range smack dab in the middle of downtown San Francisco. The Golf Center is surrounded by the most massive construction site west of Iraq (our newest colony). It is an unusual experience to hit a ball with all your might amid construction cranes, earth movers, and piles of toxic dirt. Eight bucks buys a bucket of little white dimpled balls. You get a free iron to pound them with, too. ("Nothing fancy," says the lady who runs the joint.) And when you are all sweaty and stress-relieved, you can step 20 feet away and enter Stix Restaurant for a cool lemonade or a beer. Better hie yourself to the Golf Center, though. It's hard to imagine that this pocket of pristine golfery will long evade the grasp of Mayor Willie Brown, who swore he would build on every last inch of San Francisco and who has been making good on this threat. Obviously not a golfer.

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