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Best Mex-talian Restaurant San Francisco 2003 - Tio Chilo's Grill

Who'da thought mixing Mexican and Italian cuisine would be a winning combo? Tio Chilo's did, and it works. At this Mission District newcomer you can have your Mexican straight up (enchiladas, quesadillas, tacos, and the like); same goes for Italian (pasta, pork chops, seafood, et al.); or you can mix and match. We ordered Camarones Rancheros (shrimp with vegetables) but forgot to ask for it over pasta so it came with the traditional Mexican sides of refried beans and rice. Surprisingly, this was good, especially with fresh, hot corn tortillas to sop it all up (those tasty tortillas come with every order). The food can be on the bland side, but prices are cheap and portions large. Plus Tio Chilo's is a family-run operation, and it shows in the friendly, attentive service. If you're looking for highfalutin dining, this ain't your spot. But if you like your food simple, your service with a smile, and your belly filled for about 10 bucks, head over to 24th Street. We've ventured back numerous times, and plan to keep on visiting.

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