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Best Muni Line San Francisco 2003 - 1 California

Why are people so friggin' nice on the 1 California? For Chrissakes, the 1 feels more like BART than Muni! We want things to be pleasant, but can't we find a happy medium between Muni's near riots and BART's annoying politeness? This is a city, after all! We have an image to uphold! The strangest example of manners on the 1 is that, at many stops, people actually wait in line. What the hell? Meanwhile, there are buses in Bayview-Hunters Point that require police escorts. Something's got to be done about this. We propose strict fines for any Muni commuter waiting quietly in line, or standing in such a way as to imply that getting on the bus should be done on a first come, first served basis. Fines should be doubled for anyone caught saying, "After you -- I insist."

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