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Best New Zine San Francisco 2003 - Kitchen Sink

San Francisco isn't much of a magazine publishing town, but that doesn't stop intrepid writers and editors from flocking to this city and taking a crack at the biz. What do they do when they get here? They get day jobs to pay the rent and at night they churn out cheeky zines like To-Do List, Bitch, Comet, and now Kitchen Sink. Founded by the same folks responsible for feminist glossy Fabula, this quarterly arts, culture, and politics journal debuted last November as the publication of choice "for people who think too much." The first two issues included band profiles on Cinerama, Erase Errata, and Sleater-Kinney, in addition to articles on "lesbian boys," Buy Nothing Day, and porn star Nina Hartley's recipe for French toast. Apparently, Kitchen Sink isn't only the zine's title -- it's also its modus operandi.

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