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Best Place to Buy Slabs of Pure, Lip-Smacking Snack Fat San Francisco 2003 - European Food Wholesale

European Food Wholesale

European Food Wholesale

3038 Clement

San Francisco, CA 94121


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Imagine a bar of bacon consisting of alternating layers of meat and fat. Now imagine no layers of meat. Just solid, snow-white fat. Now imagine eating this raw. Now, open your mind to the notion that, sliced very, very thin and placed on a fresh pumpernickel rind, this might not be as revolting as you imagined. European Food Wholesale offers occasional stacks of what Russians call salo near the cash register. The store sells what must be 150 different shapes and colors of sausage, from a dozen different countries. It also features inexpensive, delicious Eastern European chocolate and foreign soft drinks that are a bit more syrupy than the American kind. In short, this eclectic grocery just down the hill from the California Palace of the Legion of Honor is the perfect place for lunch. Accordingly, there are two plastic chairs outside the front door.

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