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Best Place to Meet Cute Queers During the Day San Francisco 2003 - Dolores Park Café

Dolores Park Café

Dolores Park Café

501 Dolores

San Francisco, CA 94110


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Night's easy. You can go to clubs, bars, raves, poetry readings, interpretive dance -- hell, almost anywhere -- and meet available dudes. But where do you meet your same-sex dreamboat in the a.m.? If you guessed the southwest corner of Dolores Park, you're close, but wrong. Leave the preening men in bikinis and head north two blocks to the Dolores Park Café. It's quiet, down-to-earth, unintimidating, and chock-full of hot pockets. Best of all, it's the ultimate anti-scene. The dress code is T-shirts, sneakers, and your lovely unshowered self. Enjoy a croissant by the floor-to-ceiling bay windows, which provide gorgeous natural light and a view of the park. Or have a salad while admiring the latest local art adorning the walls. Better yet, eat outside in the sunshine, where there's plenty of seating and great people-watching. But wait! Who's that at the counter next to the blender? A cutie sitting all alone with the New York Times and Utne Magazine! Hey, can we buy you a smoothie?

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