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Best Place to Steal From Jesuits San Francisco 2003 - The Basketball Courts at USF's Koret Health and Recreation Center

Can't jump, can't shoot, can't dribble? At Koret, you've got a prayer. Sure, you'll find a Jesuit or two with a decent jump shot, but chances are your point guard wears kneepads and your center has a beer gut. The competition is friendly and rarely intimidating, a good mix of college kids and old-timers who throw a couple of bounce passes and call it a day. You can usually get a decent pickup game on one of the gym's three courts, especially over the weekend. The facilities are nice, too -- much better than most of San Francisco's parks: good rims, clean floors, and nobody smokes a joint before checking the ball. General admission is $10, with time restrictions (or $65 for 15 visits).

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