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Best Punk Rock Brass San Francisco 2003 - Erase Errata

Skronky, angular rockers Erase Errata aren't the kind of people who do as they're told. Society still tries to get women to be quiet, prettified, accepting, and nicey nice nice, but these four gals just aren't those things. They're up-to-11 loud, have low-maintenance haircuts, and spend a lot of their time kicking up a fuss. Even within the unorthodox world of indie punk, this band is not like the others. Jenny Hoyston, the lead singer, also plays the trumpet, or used to: "The instrument I use in Erase Errata is a cornet," she explains via e-mail. "My nice trumpet was stolen at a punk show in Michigan around 1992. I often dream about finding it or just finding its case, or finding it mangled." Whatever it is, she rocks it hard, with no irony and no making it into a novelty. Hoyston says she got her start young. "I loved playing in the high school marching band. I also loved playing in symphonic and jazz bands. My favorite old school composers are J.P. Sousa and D. Shostakovich. High energy, uplifting music with crazy fast trumpet lines." Funny, that's what kind of music Erase Errata plays.

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