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Best Sandwich San Francisco 2003 - Cuban Marinated Pork Sandwich at Citizen Cake - CLOSED

Cuban Marinated Pork Sandwich at Citizen Cake

Cuban Marinated Pork Sandwich at Citizen Cake

2125 Fillmore

San Francisco, CA 94115


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Any midnight snacker will tell you that the act of creating a sandwich is a complex discipline requiring an innate sense of balance and a willingness to push the envelope. The fried oyster po' boy and the ahi and wasabi BLT are two noteworthy successes in this area. Another is the Cuban pork sandwich, which (like every great sandwich) offers a lot of satisfaction from a relatively small package. The Citizen Cake version is outstanding. A tender roll fresh from the bakery's ovens is spread with lots of pungent stone-ground mustard and layered with house-made sweet pickles, shards of creamy havarti, and slender slices of the most buttery roasted pork you can imagine. The spicy quality of the marinated pig meat contrasts nicely with the pillowy bread and its platemate, a sparkly orange-jicama-red onion salad, and the end result is a thick, juicy handheld meal. Make sure to get something from the patisserie for dessert.

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