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Best Scrappy Politician San Francisco 2003 - Chris Daly

Why is it that every time we see the current San Francisco supervisors lineup we hear the song "Who Let the Dogs Out" playing in the back of our minds? That could have something to do with the city's feistiest supe, Chris Daly. No one can deny that this former housing advocate has presence. In fact, his in-your-face antics with the mayor over the last two years have given this scrapper quite the reputation. Who could forget the front-page photo of Daly being thrown in the clink? He's like the incorrigible little boy everyone yells at and secretly adores. So, if Daly is S.F.'s own Dennis the Menace, would that make Willie Brown Mr. Wilson? "I'll tell you a funny story," Daly says, with his cat-that-ate-the-canary smile. "The first day I took office, this security guard kept looking at me strangely, asking me if he knew me. I finally asked him if he remembered that group of protesters last year that stormed the building. He was like, "Oh yeah, I had to restrain one of them in a headlock.' I laughed with him at the thought of that." Pause. "Then I said, 'Yeah, that was me!'"

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