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Best Specialty Pet Store San Francisco 2003 - PuppyCat

It can be tough to differentiate one pet store from another; they all tend to carry similar toys, treats, and whatnot. What sets PuppyCat apart is its philosophy about food. The shop carries only all-natural products, many containing organic, human-grade ingredients. As organics have become all the rage in human foodstuffs, pet foods have gone in that direction, too. But who could argue that better nutrition doesn't equal better health, no matter what kind of mammal you're talking about? Shop owner Deanndra Eggers can help you navigate the different kibble recipes (some are appropriate for animals with food allergies, for example), as well as provide info on the BARF diet if you're interested in going that route. (Before you gag, BARF stands for Bones and Raw Food, a meal plan that's about as natural as you can get.) The pre-mixed, frozen BARF ingredients she sells are a big incentive for those of us who can't manage to cook a meal for ourselves, let alone for our pets! Of course whether you choose a higher-end kibble or the raw-foods diet, it'll cost a little more, but our vet says pet food is one thing where price actually does equal quality. And isn't your best friend worth it?

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