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Best Thrift Store Clothes Shopping San Francisco 2003 - Goodwill As Is Shop

Every hard-core thrift store shopper is a masochist at heart. The deeper the level of hell one must go through to find that $2 Pucci blouse, the sweeter the discovery. And that being the case, thrifters can find the greatest agonies and ecstasies at the Goodwill As Is Shop. Located behind the big Goodwill on Mission Street, As Is has clothing that hasn't been sorted, priced, or -- ahem -- discarded. Enormous laundry baskets inside a dirty warehouse are crammed with piles of wrinkled clothing -- with nothing over $1. Scope out the competition, map out your territory, then plunge in. Or trail in the wake of the two hipster Japanese guys trolling for old T-shirts with ironic logos, and pick up their leavings. Either way, watch out: You run the risk of sticking your hand in something wet. Ah, the thrill of the chase.

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