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Best Union Members San Francisco 2003 - Tie Between Strippers and Bike Messengers

San Francisco is obviously home to the Sexiest Union Members Anywhere. But which group takes the top honor? If you've ever seen exotic dancers when they're not working, you know that the prize doesn't automatically go to them. Bicycle messengers, on the other hand, look tough, gritty, and delicious all the time. So it's a tough choice. In the minds of many, the worker/owners at Rainbow Grocery would sweep this category, but they're not technically unionized. (They don't have bosses, so they don't need a union. Sexy!) Still, a lot of strippers do look great all the time, and plenty of messengers have not got it going on. We're going to have to call a draw. Everybody wins! The (mostly) ladies of SEIU Local 790 and the (mostly) men of ILWU Local 6 share the honor. Solidarity forever, baby.

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