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Best Way to Plug Into S.F.'s Hidden Emotional Underworld San Francisco 2003 - "Missed Connections" Section of Craigslist

Catching a stranger's eye as a bus goes by, wondering briefly what might have been, is part of the charm and frustration of living in the city. But you don't always have to just wonder. The "missed connections" section on Craigslist provides a unique kind of bulletin board, a place where strangers can anonymously post messages like these: "Saw you today in Officemax on Harrison St. in your cute Paul Frank Curling Team T-shirt. Should have walked over and told you that you were cute too. Drop me a line to meet for coffee or ..." It's a shock to scroll through the messages and see one that might apply to you, and that's not as unusual an occurrence as one might think, especially among those who ride public transportation. Indeed, checking the "missed connections" can become an addiction of sorts, a culture that gives hope to thousands of lonely city dwellers who want to pursue that meaningful glance. Here's hoping some of them actually do connect.

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