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Best Women's Sports Store (and Catalog) San Francisco 2003 - Title Nine Sports

In 1972, there were 32,000 female college athletes. Today there are more than 150,000 -- due, in large part, to the passage of the Education Amendments of 1972, and in particular Title IX, which prohibited sex discrimination "under any ... activity receiving federal financial assistance." The legislation wasn't just about sports, but one of its benefits was that women's athletics received increased funding, leading to a blossoming of such opportunities for females. Today chicks still can't join the Augusta National Golf Club, but we can play on professional football, basketball, and soccer teams, not to mention in many other nonprofessional forums. Named after the law, Berkeley's Title Nine Sports is both a swank little retail store (there's one in Boulder, Colo., too) and a kick-ass catalog. Yoga paraphernalia, cycling equipment, running gear -- Title Nine's got all the stuff to make any activity more comfortable and fun. The company's not about politics (despite the name), weight loss, or being hard-core, but about enjoying ourselves outdoors. Now get a move on.

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