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Best Art Gallery San Francisco 2004 - Rx Gallery

Even in San Francisco, art galleries aren't exactly fun places. Sure, 111 Minna is technically an art space, but the works there serve mostly as eye fodder for when you're dancing or as conversational fodder for when you're macking. But now comes the Rx Gallery, a venue curated by multimedia artist Gregory Cowley and blasthaus owner William Linn. Anyone who's been to a blasthaus event -- be it the spaced-out lounge of "Joypad," the experimental buzz of "Further," or performances by electronic-music giants like Dizzee Rascal, Thievery Corporation, and Thomas Fehlman -- understands that Linn knows cutting-edge sounds. But the Rx Gallery ups the ante, supplying the perfect place for music to intersect art. Recent exhibits have included "Bolt: A Low Tech Odyssey," which offered patrons 15 vintage video games to play while DJs spun '80s electro-pop, and "Ultralounge, Ver. 1.0," at which architects, furniture designers, and artists transformed the entire gallery, even concocting a "video ceiling" to show images from more than 20 projectors. There's also the monthly "Multiverse" event, a "genre-bending art party" that features electronic artists from all over the globe, and the weekly "Sci-Fi Happy Hour," at which VJs play alien-invasion videos and DJs spin synth soundtracks. And if you're worried about uptight art snobs slumming it, never fear: The Rx Gallery is smack dab in the Tenderloin, so you can be sure that anyone wearing a tux will be beat up!

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