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Best Bar You Can Smoke In (Illegally) San Francisco 2004 - Phone Booth

Phone Booth

Phone Booth

1398 S. Van Ness

San Francisco, CA 94110


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To nicotine aficionados, going to a bar and not smoking is ridiculous. It's like going to a movie and not being able to eat popcorn. Madness. Thankfully, you can still spark up a cancer stick in peace at the Phone Booth, a cozy Mission closet that's so small even nonsmokers get a secondhand contact buzz. But being able to smoke indoors is just the beginning of this dive's ample charms: Countless nights can be beguiled to the strains of the well-stocked jukebox or a game of eight ball, and occasionally someone might even tinkle on the well-worn (if not well-tuned) piano. It's a bar lover's bar, plain and simple. But bring your inhaler -- the place turns into a real smokehouse on the weekends, when Mission types show up in droves to suck on piles of Camel Lights and suck down gallons of cheap booze. Which might suck (metaphorically) for your nonsmoking friends, but those whiners are a bummer to hang out with anyway.

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