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Best Continuing Education San Francisco 2004 - Tommy's Blue Agave Club

Best Continuing Education

Acquiring new stores of knowledge to impress dates, earning extra degrees to sex up your r?sum? -- there are many good reasons to do postgraduate work. Tommy's Blue Agave Club is an institution of higher learning for those who know a few better reasons (say, 225 of them). Tommy's Mexican Restaurant has been an institution in the Richmond District since 1965, and with 225 pure agave tequilas, it has one of the best-stocked bars this side of the border. Julio Bermejo, bartender and son of owner Tomas Bermejo, runs the club for Tommy's most loyal patrons. For a $10 application fee you can embark on your master's degree, which involves sampling 35 tequilas, after which you receive an oak-framed diploma. To earn your Ph.D., you must taste 35 more and get at least 80 percent correct on an exam that includes true-false, multiple-choice, and fill-in-the-blank questions. And to reach the coveted Demigod level, you'll have to accompany Julio Bermejo on a road trip to various Mexican tequila distilleries. Hey, we can dream.

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