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Best Cross-Genre DJ Night San Francisco 2004 - "Frisco Disco"

During an interview last year, "Frisco Disco" founder Jefrodisiac (aka Jeff Fare) complained about the strange boundaries that music scenes erect. "Certain people say, 'I'd never go here' or 'I'd never go there.' It's like, your record collection is the same, your clothes are about the same, but for some reason there's a line that some people don't want to cross." Well, "Frisco Disco" goes beyond crossing that line: The dance party obliterates it. Jefrodisiac and Richie Panic's weekly event, which began as "Sex With Machines" and morphed into its current guise in summer 2003, shuttles between what's cool and what's not, mixing the old-school and the newfangled, playing yesterday's favorites next to tomorrow's hits. Anything truly goes, from super-slick pop (Whitney Houston, Justin Timberlake, Missy Elliott) to punk/rock (Clash, Billy Squier, AC/DC) to freaky dance music (Peaches, Afrika Bambaataa). "Frisco Disco" proves you can dance to German minimalist techno, gritty French electro, and the catchiest of pop music all at the same club -- and you better leave your smirk at home. "It's not irony-based at all," says Jefrodisiac. "We just play music that we like."

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