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Best Free Party San Francisco 2004 - Saturday Night at Anú

So you're strolling down the colorful part of Market with a restive outlook, no particular itinerary, and scarcely a pfennig in your pocket. It's Saturday night and the primordial urge to interact with your fellow beings is upon you. Luckily, the stipend-free recesses of Anú beckon from just around the corner. Inside the club's cozy, dimly lit, and unexpectedly stylish surroundings, an interesting mix of the black-clad, Cosmo girls, local celebs, and crusty neighborhood types meet, mingle, listen to the music, and get sloppy. A cool backlit bar dispenses boutique vodkas, peach Sidecars, and infusions "promoting pleasure and enhancement," while a tech-y yet funky sound design inspires corporeal movement and wholesale frolic. (There's a futuristic Internet jukebox to play with, too.) Comfy sofas and davenports host the occasional canoodle, and the rhythm level increases around midnight, but you're on your own after 2 a.m.

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